Meet the Zjybra.

In the world of bits and bytes, nested away in remote servers around the globe. I am known, as the Zjybra.

Obviously that's not my real. I'm Zethembiso Msomi and I'm a software developer. I love all things beautiful and digital. I've always been fascinated with computers for as long as I can remember. This obviously led a strong appreciation of any and everything related to nerd/geek/h@x0r culture.

I am by no means a hacker. I repeat, not a hacker. Nor do I fix computers. I'm just a bra who appreciates great web design, some good code and carving up the waves with my surf boards...well not really carve them up at the moment. But give me a couple of months,'ll see.

The mis-Education History of the Zjybra.

Obviously I wasn't born already writting code. I complete my high school education at the awesome Masibumbane High School, at Ulundi. As I neared the end of my schooling career I was thoroughly convinced I was gonna have a career in computers. My head master would agree of course, given the little brush with authority I had involving computers... #wink-to-the-headmaster

Unfortunately I totally sucked at Math, so I went on to ICESA do fix ma grade. A hell of an experience that was and I did get my Maths. From there I went on to the Durban University of Technology and had a hell of blast learning all that I needed to know to become the Zjybra...

The mis-education obviously never stopped there. After graduating from D.U.T I went to join Dimension Data where I earned my MCSE, aint used that in a bit though. I love me some mis-education, till this day I still got books and skills I wading through learning as much as I can.

How the Zjybra got his stripes.

You know how the story goes... boy leaves college joins the real world and suddenly nothing is as interesting as he thought it would be. I wish I could say it's true but nah, yáll gon have to kick me out of this biatch coz I'm having a time of my liiiifee

You know ma steez.


Broadcasting live from Ice Station Zjybra!!

So glad you could make it! Welcome to my little corner in the digital universe. Please feel free to have a look around. Allow me to

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